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  1. S J
    S J ALX22
    Hey. not sure re Report. Can you explain ?

    Cheers - SJ
    1. ALX22
      What happened?
      Jan 17, 2017
    2. ALX22
      I clicked on the wrong thing, I remember now. I was supposed to delete something and I clicked report.
      Jan 17, 2017
  2. S J
    S J Outback Connection
    Welcome to the group OBC. :)

    May you post early and often.
  3. S J
    S J moto748
    Wasn't sure you were going to do a GF thread. so made yours a "sticky".

    Do you want a Bookie thread ?
  4. S J
    S J TerryGaines
    I think that's 11pm there ?
  5. S J
    S J TerryGaines
    Great - Paul will attempt to update the forum tonight at about 9pm AEST. All going well it should only take 30 mins to an hour. When it comes back on line you and me will have admin rights. Steve already has them. So 3 of us. I think he's pretty grateful for the help in money.
  6. S J
    S J TerryGaines
    Hi - just posted something for you on the money thing with Paul.
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    2. TerryGaines
      Seen it, paid it, love it.
      Sep 2, 2016
  7. Bazza
    Bazza S J
    I forget my password for my mobile phone even though it's the same password for my laptop but on my laptop it's set on default , so how do I change my password?? Because it asked you to do the existence password before you set a new password. It's fucking weird. I've never had that EVER!
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  8. Bazza
    Bazza S J
    Hey S J, why there isn't much posting on this forum? Quite a few years ago, there was a Grandstand forum and it went. There is another league forum and I tried to join 2 years ago, but it was to do with your internet mail. Not yahoo, hotmail, google and so forth. I did that, but I couldn't post.
    1. S J
      S J
      Sorry mate - missed this. I guess its a sign of the times - fewer members. We try every now and then to boost them - but all we seem to get is spammers ... ;) Any ideas are welcome. Cheers - SJ PS - if you send a PM - let me know in the shout box. I don't look in my page that often.
      Jul 31, 2016
  9. S J
    S J markeandre
    No spam please.
  10. S J
    S J southsport
    Hi again. not sure if you like a punt or not.

    We have a Bookie on here - its free. All members get money - for posts etc.

    You can then have a bet.

    Its just a game - but can be fun - bragging rights.

    If you want - go into Bookie - up the top of the page and then just follow your nose. Otherwise ask me ... :)

    cheers - SJ
  11. S J
    S J southsport
    Hi SS - welcome back !

    We've had a few come and go.

    Let me know if anything goes wrong or is annoying (except me of course ... :) ) .

    No limit on posts so go for it.
  12. Loving_footy
    Gla the 2015 season is upon us.
  13. S J
    S J Razz
    Re the post - I also try to get some discussion going ... so ask questions. I hate just statements or news items.

    I like to know what people think ... :)

    Welcome to the site.

  14. Northern_Union
    Northern_Union Razz
    Sorry champ someone accidentally banned you. Ban has been lifted. No offense intended.
  15. S J
    S J Northern_Union
    Hi Mate

    Razz said something silly and I went in to see who he was. It had a spam checker box there so I said yes ... . now I can't find him ... did I delete him some how ?

    1. Northern_Union
      What was the silly comment?
      Jan 25, 2015
  16. TerryGaines
    TerryGaines mt.wellington
    Well done on the Bookie win Mt.Wellington. They are great odds offered by this Bookie. :)
  17. Aspley Owl
    Aspley Owl
    8 Years READY
  18. Knitey
    Knitey Muppet
  19. S J
    S J moto748
    Hi. Don't forget to have a go on Bookie - Wigan v Roosters.

    Its free and fun.

  20. S J
    S J Northern_Union