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New Profile Posts

  1. SSTID
    SSTID billy
    Welcome aboard billy boooyieee!! Who needs Zero Tackles when you have Zero Trolls and Zero Dictators!
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  2. SSTID
    SSTID Billy.G
    Welcome aboard billy boooyieee!! Who needs Zero Tackles when you have Zero Trolls and Zero Dictators!
  3. SSTID
    SSTID eels47
    Welcome aboard eels47. On this site ZT stands for "Zero Trolls". Enjoy!
  4. SSTID
    SSTID MW47
    Welcome aboard "angry eagle". Here there are no cages and ZT stands for "Zero Trolls". Enjoy!
  5. SSTID
    SSTID Pedro the Saint
    Welcome aboard Pedro. There is a lot of vocal support for both our clubs on this site and ZT = "Zero Trolls", forgive the pun. Everything is quite a bit different but give it time, there is a lot of potential and a growing membership of genuine fans of the game. I'm looking forward to more "ZT exiles" arriving before much longer. Enjoy!
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  6. Rabbits 21
    Rabbits 21 moto748
    Have an NRL fantasy comp details in nrl forum. Private convo me for more..
  7. Rabbits 21
    Rabbits 21 stanleyg
    NRL fantasy comp in nrl forum.... Private convo me for more info..
  8. Rabbits 21
    Rabbits 21 Archie
    NRL fantasy comp posted in NRL forum.. private conversation me for more info..
  9. S J
    S J Alan woodward
    Welcome Alan - may you post on any and all subjects - as you please.

    We have members from Oz, NZ and UK. Some days are busier than others But feel free to ask questions if you're not sure.
  10. S J
    S J Mad bazz
    Welcome - feel free to post well and post often.
  11. S J
    S J Markell
    Welcome Markell - let me know if you need to know anything :)
  12. TerryGaines
  13. S J
    S J PufftheRed&WhiteDragon
    Welcome Puff - may you post many and often !

    Let me know if you have any questions or issues.

  14. S J
    S J Outback Connection
    Welcome to the group OBC. :)

    May you post early and often.
  15. S J
    S J moto748
    Wasn't sure you were going to do a GF thread. so made yours a "sticky".

    Do you want a Bookie thread ?
  16. S J
    S J TerryGaines
    I think that's 11pm there ?
  17. S J
    S J TerryGaines
    Great - Paul will attempt to update the forum tonight at about 9pm AEST. All going well it should only take 30 mins to an hour. When it comes back on line you and me will have admin rights. Steve already has them. So 3 of us. I think he's pretty grateful for the help in money.
  18. S J
    S J TerryGaines
    Hi - just posted something for you on the money thing with Paul.
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    2. TerryGaines
      Seen it, paid it, love it.
      Sep 2, 2016
  19. S J
    S J markeandre
    No spam please.
  20. S J
    S J southsport
    Hi again. not sure if you like a punt or not.

    We have a Bookie on here - its free. All members get money - for posts etc.

    You can then have a bet.

    Its just a game - but can be fun - bragging rights.

    If you want - go into Bookie - up the top of the page and then just follow your nose. Otherwise ask me ... :)

    cheers - SJ