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Auto Poster Richard Fale says he could take over the Warriors next Friday

Discussion in 'News' started by Stuff News Articles, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Richard Fale says he could take over the Warriors next Friday

    Last updated 14:55, March 13 2018


    While the ownership of the Warriors is being discussed, the players spent Tuesday training for Saturday's game against the Titans.

    Richard Fale has agreed a conditional price for the Warriors and could take ownership of the club by next Friday.

    In a revealing interview with Glen Larmer on Trackside Radio on Tuesday morning, Fale, the Hawaiian based businessman, said he had agreed a price with current Warriors owner Eric Watson for the club, subject to the numbers stacking up.

    Fale said he and his team would be crunching those figures over the next few days and by Friday he'll know if he'll go ahead with the purchase. If so he will sign the documents the following Friday, he said.


    Warriors owner Eric Watson, left, with coach Stephen Kearney, whom prospective owner Richard Fale has given an initial vote of confidence.

    "We're really close," Fale said.

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    "We're here with boots on the ground to do a verification of all the numbers and verify everything we've been communicating about." That had taken place mostly over telephone and email.

    "We've brought our mergers and acquisition specialist over from New York City and he's going to take a blow torch and sledge hammer to everything, to make sure everything's panning out the way we think it is and then we'll take it forward from there," he told Trackside Radio.

    Asked how optimistic he was that he'd soon be owner of the Warriors, Fale said "very confident."

    "Everything we've come across so far has given us that indication, so everything's looking really good," he said.

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    It has been reported that the price of the Warriors would be around $24 million and that doesn't appear to be an issue for Fale and his consortium.

    "Everything we've looked at so far, indicates we're in a great spot. But we could find something out today or tomorrow," he told Trackside Radio.

    Although Fale has mentioned previously bringing in Craig Bellamy as coach, he said he would want to stick with the current coaching regime, to see if the hard work put in over the offseason turns around the club's fortunes.

    "We don't pretend to be subject matter experts in the game of rugby league itself," Fale said.

    "So we're going to essentially allow the seeds that have been planted to bear fruit.

    "It was a fantastic game last week (against the Rabbitohs, winning 32-20) and I'm looking forward to seeing what the performance is going to be like this Saturday.

    So while Stephen Kearney appears safe, Fale was less committal about the future of CEO Cameron George, who took over the job from Jim Doyle late last year.

    "We do our assessment as we go along and we're pushing through all of those numbers they have there in the front office and we make our assessments," he said when asked about George.

    "He's also new to the organisation as well, so we're not going to prejudge him until we've processed all of that information."

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