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Team List Round 17 SHARKS V EELS 34-24

Discussion in 'Cronulla Sharks' started by TerryGaines, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. TerryGaines

    TerryGaines Voider of Warranties

    Apr 20, 2014
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    7:30pm Saturday at Southern Cross Stadium

    1 Ben Barba
    2 Sosaia Feki
    3 Jack Bird
    4 Gerard Beale
    5 Valentine Holmes
    6 James Maloney
    7 Chad Townsend
    8 Andrew Fifita
    9 Michael Ennis
    10 Sam Tagataese
    11 Luke Lewis
    12 Wade Graham
    13 Paul Gallen.

    Interchange: 14 Ricky Leutele 15 Chris Heighington 16 Matt Prior 17 Jason Bukuya 18 Joseph Paulo

    * Sosaia Feki (groin) returns on the wing, with Ricky Leutele dropping to the bench and Joseph Paulo relegated to 18th man.

    1 Michael Gordon
    2 Semi Radradra
    3 Michael Jennings
    4 Clint Gutherson
    5 Bevan French
    6 Kenny Edwards
    7 Corey Norman
    8 Daniel Alvaro
    9 Isaac De Gois
    10 Danny Wicks
    11 Manu Ma’u
    12 Beau Scott
    13 Tepai Moeroa

    Interchange: 14 Cody Nelson 15 Peni Terepo 16 David Gower 17 Rory O’Brien

    * Michael Jennings (Origin) returns in the centres for Vai Toutai, while Cody Nelson comes to the bench in place of Kaysa Pritchard (knee).
  2. stanleyg

    stanleyg Well-Known Member

    Apr 17, 2013
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    Has semi been charged or still helping police with inquiries?, will the eels stand him down so he can concentrate on his issues?, will Haynes play Dream #3 and go to Union?. so many questions for the eels to fans to ponder over what might have been.
  3. TerryGaines

    TerryGaines Voider of Warranties

    Apr 20, 2014
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    Semi Radradra: Parramatta Eels' player charged with domestic violence assaults
    Updated about 5 hours ago

    [​IMG]PHOTO: Parramatta Eels winger Semi Radradra training with the team. (AAP: Joel Carrett)

    Police said he had since been charged with assault causing actual bodily harm domestic violence, and two counts of common assault domestic violence.

    He was also served with an apprehended violence order.

    Radradra was released on conditional bail and is expected to appear in Parramatta Local Court on Tuesday.

    The allegations relate to a past relationship, and the assaults allegedly took place in 2014 and 2015.

    Radradra trained with the team today and is expected to play tomorrow.

    In a press conference this morning, Eels coach Brad Arthur said he wanted Radradra to play.

    "The first process is talk to Semi and his manager and see how he is," Arthur said.

    "The priority for us is his welfare.

    "Until I've spoken to him, it's very hard [to determine what to do next]."

    He said he gave him permission to go to Fiji and Radradra was committed to the club.

    "It's difficult. His family are in Fiji.

    "He's coming back a little bit late but his commitment is based on what he does on the training field ... and what he does on the football field with us."

    When asked whether Radradra getting extra time off set a dangerous precedent for other players, Arthur said every player was different and every case was different.

    "Michael Gordon, we gave him time to go away with his family last week."

    He said he was confident Radradra would finish his contract with the club.

    'It's been a challenge for us all year'
    Arthur said he had not spoken to Radradra or the other players as yet but he expected to speak to him this morning.

    "They trained well during the middle of the week, I'm sure they will train well today," he said.

    He said only Radradra's manager had spoken to him while he was in Fiji.

    "It has been a challenge for us all year. It hasn't been easy sailing for us but to the players' credit, I'm proud of them, the coaching group is proud of them."

    In a statement, Eels director Geoff Gerard said the club was treating the matter seriously.

    "In accordance with our club's values, Semi will be afforded the presumption of innocence, and we will continue to provide him and his family with all the support and welfare services we have available," Mr Gerard said.

    "The club will work closely with the relevant authorities and be open with the NRL Integrity Unit throughout this process."

    Public figures 'need to be prepared to step aside'
    Professor Catharine Lumby, an advisor for the NRL's cultural change and education programs, said she was disappointed that Radradra would most likely be playing tomorrow.

    [​IMG]PHOTO: Catharine Lumby says Radradra should have stepped down when he was charged. (ABC News)

    "I know the NRL has shown very long-term commitment to preventing violence against women, speaking out against it and educating players about it, but I think you've got to walk the walk, not just talk the talk," she said.

    "If you're a public figure and a role model, that the cost of that, is if you're charged with a serious crime, and domestic assault is a serious crime, you need to be prepared to stand yourself aside, or be stood down, while the charges are pending.

    "These guys have a lot of privileges, a lot of benefits that go with their roles as elite athletes and that's the price they pay.

    "[Radradra] represents the brand of the NRL, he represents a role model to a lot of young Australians, he should have the guts to stand aside."

    Hayne gives advice in chance airport meeting: 'run a tight ship'
    Former NRL and NFL player Jarryd Hayne, who had been in Fiji to train with the country's rugby sevens team, flew into Sydney on the same flight as Radradra.

    Hayne said it was a coincidence he was on the same flight, but it gave him the chance to share some advice with Radradra.

    "When I called the guys at Fiji Airways today, they were like, 'you wouldn't believe it, Semi's on your same flight'. I said 'no way'," Hayne said.

    "It was good to spend time with Semi, I hadn't obviously been able to catch up with him ... so it was great just being able to sit at the airport and just go into a good conversation with him and try to help him out as much as I can.

    "It's been a bit of mayhem by all reports, but I think the biggest advice I gave to him was to run a tight ship."
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  4. TerryGaines

    TerryGaines Voider of Warranties

    Apr 20, 2014
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    According to her bio page, Professor Lumby is an active researcher and teacher in the fields of social media and online journalism.

    Really? They give out professorships now for teaching tweeting (past-tense of which seems to have twated).

    Citizens can pursue their lives until sentence, pending appeal, appending conviction, pending a trial, pending a plea.

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