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Auto Poster Warriors wing David Fusitu'a weighing up playing for Kiwis or Tonga in test window

Discussion in 'News' started by Stuff News Articles, May 15, 2018.

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    Warriors wing David Fusitu'a weighing up playing for Kiwis or Tonga in test window


    Last updated 17:22, May 15 2018


    David Fusitu'a has to decide whether he wants to be wearing red or black in next month's test window.

    When David Fusitu'a next makes a decision on which nation to represent, he'll stick with it for the long term.

    The Warriors wing has to decide whether he wants to play for the Kiwis against England in Denver next month, or for Tonga against Samoa in Sydney.

    Fusitu'a was one of the players who switched allegiances at desperately short notice just before last year's Rugby League World Cup and it left the then Kiwis coach David Kidwell scrambling around to get a squad together, in some cases having to call back players he'd already told wouldn't be in the squad.

    It was a situation that didn't reflect well on Fusitu'a and he wants to make sure that he gives everyone plenty of notice this time about where his loyalties will lie.

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    "I've given it a bit of thought, but it's been hard because I want to focus on playing well for the Warriors," Fusitu'a said.

    "I'll cross that bridge when the decision comes and I'm just really focused on doing well for the Warriors.

    "It's a personal decision, I'll have a chat with my parents and my mentors," he added.

    "But for everyone it's their own decision and I'll have a little think about it."

    Fusitu'a says he wants to make a decision that he'll stick with for the next four-year cycle, to take him through to 2021 World Cup in England.

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    He doesn't want this to be an issue every year and intends be a part of the long-term plans of which ever country he chooses.

    "That will have to be the factor, because I don't want to be the guy that keeps jumping ship all the time," he said.

    "It's about honouring both sides, the Kiwis and Tonga, and making sure that when I make a decision that my yes is yes and no is no."

    Fusitu'a has had time to reflect on what happened during those chaotic couple of days before last year's Rugby League World Cup when there was an exodus from the Kiwis team.

    With the benefit of hindsight, he now regrets how it all played out.

    "I guess so. In a way, we made it hard for them because of the timing," he said.

    "The one thing I want to work on this year is that when I make my decision, it needs to be early and I need to give both sides time to sort out their teams.

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    After going down 32-0 to the Roosters at the weekend, Warriors players let out some of their frustrations on each other.

    "That's a learning curve for me from last year, making sure I make my decision a bit earlier."

    One way or another though, Fusitu'a will be playing test footy in the fourth weekend of June. He doesn't feel like deciding to have a break and staying in camp with the Warriors.

    "I'd love to play international footy that week," he said.

    "If I'm not, I'll be getting flogged on the field here, so I definitely want to be playing!"

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